Preethi CHEF PRO 750W 3JAR MIXER GR | MG128/02


Buy the Preethi Mixer Grinder and end those kitchen woes. This Preethi Chef pro mixer has a strong motor that completes all the tasks in hardly any time.
The Preethi MG 128 02 Chef pro Mixer Grinder is a must have for you as it is specifically designed to meet your daily kitchen needs. This device is regarded as one of Preethi’s versatile and elegant mixers, thanks to the wide array of features that come together to create magnificent results that show on the dish. This Preethi mixer has a slender body, comes with a 1.5L jar with SAN Dome, 1L jar with PP Dome, 05L jar with SAN Dome, and 1L jar with PP Dome and feeding lid.
Also, this stand mixer has a 750W motor that delivers optimum power to help mix ingredients efficiently. Sporting a beautiful white finish, the Preethi mixer grinder makes a classy and practical solution to your kitchen equipment.
Cut Off the Trouble and Add Some Convenience
To facilitate convenience and increase durability, the Preethi Chef pro mixer provides jars and blades that are rustproof along with domes and lids that are made from unbreakable polycarbonate. The stand mixer also flaunts ergonomically designed handles that let you hold this mixer comfortably. The clear transparent polycarbonate dome and lid lets you see the progress of the food you are processing with ease.
Superior Performance Guaranteed
The Preethi mixer grinder is powered by a 750W motor that gives a superb performance. Also, the stainless steel blades allow for optimal mixing of a variety of ingredients. Plus, its adjustable setting knob allows for unbeatable control.

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