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Firman Ruby SPG 8600E2, 7.5kva Generator with Remote Control, 100% Copper


Firman Ruby SPG 8600E2 Generator with Remote Control, a max power output of 66000Watts/6.6KW = 8.25 and Rated output power is 6000Watts/6.0KW = 7.5KVA.

Firman Ruby SPG8600E2 Generator set is specially designed for Nigeria to endure long hours of use, can be used 247, as it is ideal for a medium-sized office with multiple users or an apartment with an AC; a small number of fans, light bulbs, TV and sound systems or laptops. The Generator is suitable for air-conditioning of up to 2hp window Normal AC and other home and office appliances like computers, freezers, fridges plus fans. Or

Power 3 of 1.5hp inverter, one Freezer, Tvs, Fans, and your bulbs

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